Apply/pay for registration

When registering a vehicle, the title first must be in the name of the person registering it.  We cannot register a vehicle when the title is addressed to someone else.  

To register a vehicle, the owner must show proof of North Carolina Insurance.  This can be done as an FS-1 form, an insurance card on paper, or on a phone. The individual registering the vehicle will then pay for the property tax (which is based on the county they live in), and the license plate (the amount is based on the weight of the vehicle.  The average price is $38.75.  At 7000 lbs, a vehicle must register with a weighted plate).  

If a temporary, or 10-day, tag is needed, the owner needs to present a valid North Carolina ID, and proper insurance information.  The fee for the temporary tag is $10, and a $5 cash notary fee.

The registration of the plate and the property tax is then paid each year.  If this is not paid by the last day of the due month, a $15 late fee will be applied.  This will increase by $5 for each month after, up to $25.  There is no longer a 15 day grace period.